Why the Chamberlain Program?

Throughout history, wealthy families have hired people to work directly for them. This ensured loyalty and accountability, as the fiduciary obligation of those hired was directly to the family. In more recent times, that accountability has been severed by layers of middlemen, and multiple barriers to information. Modern investing seldom allows for trusted relationships. It is hard to imagine holding someone accountable if you are not allowed to talk to them, and someone else is paying their salary.



Why do I need an Investment Counselor?

An Investment Counselor provides the skills needed to properly analyze business opportunities. Investment Counselors have a fiduciary duty to provide analysis that is unbiased, and decision making that is clearly to the benefit of those that have hired them. They are free from conflicts of interest because they are not paid commissions, nor do they receive other forms of compensation based on what is purchased. Investment Counselors are accountable directly to you. The fees you pay are based on the size of the portfolio being invested. This ties your Investment Counselors to the same goal you have, which is to increase the size of your portfolio.
Your Investment Counselor will analyze various investment opportunities that have a history of profitability, generate high levels of excess cash flow, and can be purchased at an attractive price.


Remember! The goal is to generate a high level of return on your money, while still maintaining safety of principal.



What Differentiates the Chamberlain Program?

  • Personal Investment Counselor
  • Personal Financial Security Advisor
  • Personal Administrative Contact
  • Semi-annual webinar
  • Semi-annual overview with projections
  • Quarterly statements from custodian and counselor
  • Personal annual review
  • Weekly risk management email
  • Weekly economic email



Meet the Chamberlain Team




Meet the Portfolio Manager


"A penny saved, is a penny earned."